Wednesday, September 3, 2008

30 Days of Nothing: Day Three

Justify, Justify.

Today I justified some spending.

For starters though, I didn't pay the $20 the PTO wants for the middle school. Now granted, I'm only putting it off until October, so I think I might just as well have paid it. In any case, I'm grateful for how they do their fundraising. Instead of having a stupid send-your-kid-around-with-an-order-form-for-some-chintzy-product fundraiser, they just ask you for $20 per family. Pure profit, no muss, no fuss. I am happy to pay!

On to the justification.

The K-5 schools, on the other hand, sell Market Day. Mr. GT, upon finding the flier on the island one day, immediately threw it away. We don't buy a lot of convenience food to begin with and at first glance, it is very expensive. We try to eat mostly local and organic foods although he's better at shopping that way than I am.

But it's a fundraiser, so I'm willing to look into it. I fished it out of the recycle bin (it was buried pretty far down!) to see what they offer.

Today I called up the lady who heads it up to find out the profit they get. 10% is what the school makes. Then I went through the flier finding things that we would actually use that were a good deal. Here's what I ended up with:

Alaskan Salmon Steaks $3.59/lb Seemed like a good deal.

Breaded Mozzerella Sticks $3.19/lb I can't buy string cheese for that price and I thought these would be a nice treat for afternoon snack once in a while. Plus there was a promotion for a free (something that will make a good Christmas present for Grandma) if you ordered 3 items from this page. 3 orders of Mozz sticks fit the bill and I got a $20 gift.

Italian Wedding Soup on clearance. The kids love this for lunch. We'll try it. I love finding food on clearance! I think that's such a funny concept!

Cheese Ravioli $2.75/lb. This is something we eat fairly often and this seemed a good price, so why not buy it here and support the school?

All the items I chose were on sale this month, so that helped to make them a good deal. I also have a coupon for $1 off my order (whoopty doo! But a dollar's a dollar)

I'm going to count the $6 I shaved off my order once I went to review it before I hit "Buy" (I took out the oven-ready shrimp and added an extra mozz. stick) and something else I can't remember, and the $1 coupon both as savings for today. I'm not counting the $20 because I'm just going to spend that next month.

Today's Savings: $7

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