Wednesday, September 10, 2008

30 Days of Nothing: Day 10

I forgot to mention that one day we had to buy more poo[p treats.

You know, for when Sunshine does it right, instead of in his unders. Which, I may add is happening all the time now. Doing it right, that is. Thanks to the poo[p treats.

But we were getting low. (Partly because he shares them with me. I figure if I have to wipe his poo]py little buns, I should get a poo[p treat, too! And if I have to clean out unders, I get TWO!)

So off to the grocery store I went. Chocolate is really the only reasonable poo[p treat, and I had seen a big sale on Hershey Kisses when I was there (for MILK!) on Sunday. Often, if you get there early enough on Monday morning, you can double-dip the sales because they already have the new sales entered in the computer but they haven't yet taken out last week's sales. You can still stock up on the things you forgot to buy last week and get the new stuff, all in one trip.

Alas, I was too late. Hershey Kisses were no longer on sale. And boy, has the price of chocolate sky-rocketed! So I was good and bought the Milky Ways on sale, even though I don't like Milky Ways.

Necessity? I think so!

PS Funny Mr. GT story. He comes home from work and Sunshine, who has been really wanting a poo[p treat all afternoon, since we came home from the store, but who is all pooped out for the day, brings the dish of treats to him.

"Daa-eee! Poo]p!" he shouts, holding up the dish, which really means, "Daddy, Mama bought new poo[p treats today and they look so yummy and they are in this dish and I want you to see them and open it and maybe one will fall on the floor and I will have to eat it!" (he's a boy of few words)

Mr. GT, being Mr. GT, takes the dish, sees it is filled with brown lumps, cracks the lid, takes a whiff and says, "POO[P! EWWWWWWWWWWWW" making a terrible face.

Sunshine erupts in gales of laughter. Silly Daddy. "NOOOOOO!" he says. "Teet! Teet!"

No money saved.

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Recovering Noah said...

Aha! And I thought it was just my family that had toilet humor. lol.