Wednesday, September 3, 2008

30 Days of Nothing: Day Two


Today was the first day of school. Bananan Boy only goes to Kindergarten in the morning. My bright idea was to pick him up on my bike. We only live 5 miles from school.

That's, let's see.....$1 in gas each way, right? So I saved $2.

Today was the first day we hit 90 degrees! pant pant.

I don't know what I was thinking. Am I glad I did it?

It WAS a beautiful day. There was a nice breeze, so we weren't too hot. Daisy rode along with me and I put Pepper (still recovering from her tonsilectomy) and Sunshine in the bike trailer. I bungeed BB's bike to the back of the trailer. Daisy and I had fun biking together.

Once we got to school, LittleHey's mom was there to pick him up (he's only going a half day, too) and she thoughtfully agreed to take Pepper (all 47 lbs of her!) home with her.

Banana Boy biked 4 miles without complaining before he said, "I'm hot. I'm tired." So I let him ride in the trailer and bungeed the bike back on. Unfortunately, the last mile and a half is the most uphill. pant pant.

But we did it and I'm not too sore today!

LittleHey's mom offered to pick the boys up tomorrow. sigh of relief.

Savings today: $2

Oh, I am also going to add to the savings for today the price of a box of snacks from the store. I made Banana Chocolate Chip muffins for snack today. I hate baking and it's so easy to keep boxes of Teddy Grahams or Triscuits or something similar in the cupboard for the kids to grab on their own. I don't have to be involved. I don't have to bake anything.

We had the ingredients in the house (including 3 brown spotty bananas just screaming to be mashed into muffins!) so it was just a matter of getting off my lazy buns to make the muffins. Yay me!

So I'm adding $2.59 to today's total.

Savings today: $4.59


Recovering Noah said...

You're nuts! Just biking 5 feet would kill my thighs. I have to say, I do admire you! :-)

BTW, do your kids watch TV? Eli is obsessed with Sid the Science Kid on PBS. They did a thing on making banana bread out of spotty, mushy bananas yesterday. So guess what we had to make? It's a clever little show. I really like it.

sandwichinwi said...

We watched it for the first time yesterday (the first 20 minutes, anyway) and saw the mushy banana episode. I'm am just so not a fan of muppets, even animated ones. I can see it appealing to preschoolers, but I wanted to smack the dancing preschool teacher.