Friday, September 5, 2008

30 Days of Nothing: Day Four

Whoo Hoo! Did I save money today!

We'll cut right to the chase.

We left the house at 11:30 to pick up Banana Boy at school. Ate lunch at my mom's (thanks, Mom!) Savings $5 if BB and I would have gone to Mickey D's for a dance through the dollar menu (see, I'm cheap to begin with!)

BB and I drove to town for his appointment and I REALLY wanted to stop at Starbucks. Or Target. Or the half-price bookstore. OR ANYWHERE I COULD SPEND SOME MONEY!!!!!

But for our purposes here, we'll just count Starbucks. $4.50.

We ran a couple of errands since we were in town (60 mile round trip from home) and I picked up a prescription. Necessary $6.

Dropped BB back at my mom's so I could run some more errands in our town. Went to the library. Oops. $1.80 in fines. Plus Rose Bud has $1.20. Must be more careful about that, especially since I can very easily renew my books online from the comfort of my desk. Totally unnecessary spending: $3.00

Picked up a newspaper and soda for my mom, but she paid me back.

Went to work, BUT, before I left, I ate dinner first! This is a huge area of unnecessary spending for me (and unnecessary calories!). We get our meals for half-price during our shift, but even so, it's $2-4 each night I work. We'll call it an average of $3, so 3 more saved there.

And Mr. GT has a little story to share. He is in charge of ordering for us from our local food coop. Last month he ordered, as a treat, a case of organic pop tarts (er, toaster pastries, if you want to be legalistic). They were out of stock with the last delivery and were supposed to come in this week. Again they were out of stock. They offered him a different flavor, but he declined and actually cancelled the order. Savings: $23 (that's a lot of toaster pastries!) They totally would have been a treat (mostly for me-- I LOVE pop tarts!) and we absolutely didn't NEED them.

So, today's savings: 5 + 4.50 - 3 (library fine) + 3 + 23 = $32.50.

Oh, Mr. GT also bought chicken feed this week. Necessary.

And we're going to start putting our savings on little slips of paper in a jar on the table to keep track. Good idea I got from someone else (sorry, don't remember who right now) who is doing the 30 Days.

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