Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

50995 8 am cloudy and drizzling. There was a thunderstorm this morning at 5:00. We’re headed to Mansfield.

Banana Boy

We went to a house. Laura & Mary’s house. We went to a bookstore. We bought some books. I liked the movie the best.

We went to the Laura Ingalls museum. And this slushie tastes like frozen squash. We got to see the Laura books written in all different languages. That was the most interesting part. It wasn’t a good drive. I got a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, headache.

Day. (My Day) Nonny. (Thought about her) Water. (Now I’m thinking about yesterday) Backpack. (Rode in it on Dad’s back at the museum) Eat dog. (Had a corn dog for lunch) Dog! Dog! (It was really good!) Mama dog eat. (Actually, she had a burger) Hmmmmm…. (Thinking, thinking…) Done. Rrrrrrrrrr. (Every time Dad drives over the centerline, he hits a rumble strip. I’m the on-board warning system) Ice. (I had a slushie!)

Rose Bud
We went to Laura’s museum and it was boring. The lady who gave the tour spoke wrong. She said, “Laura set in her chair.” Then we went to the giftshop and then we went and ate lunch and it was really windy. Mom wouldn’t give me a sip of her soda. The drive was really curvy. Dad drove too fast on the curves and everybody got really carsick but nobody threw up. And there was a really disgusting bug in the bathroom at the restaurant. We saw lots of dead armadillos and one even had a line where the tire ran over the middle of it. The other part of it wasn’t squooshed. We also saw a couple dead possums. It was really cold in all of the buildings in the museum. It was freezing!

We went to a Laura museum and there was Pa’s real fiddle and there were books in lots of different languages and it took 2 hours to get there and the roads were very curvy.

Mr. GT
I was just a driver today. Sure, I enjoyed where we went but we didn’t really see much. There is nothing more I’d like to say.

Mrs. GT:

The hummingbirds here are just incredible. There must be about 8 of them, but the most I've seen at once is 5. They are so funny to watch. There are definitely dominant birds who chase the others away. Also, if a wasp is drinking from one of the three spouts, no birds will bother going to that spout. The wasp is king.

Hum, hum, ho hum....

Math takes no vacation!

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