Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Postcards to Nonny

Dear Nonny from Sunshine,


Thank you. Lizard. Lizard. Snack. Worm.

Nonny, Sunshine. Kids. Water. Swim. Nonny! Water. Fish.

Nonny! Nonny! Nonny! Ice. Eat! Ice.



Cow. Horse. Kitty. Dog! Done

Dear Nonny,

Thank You for the presents. (BTW, Mr. GT says “Thank you for the pheasants and the peasants”) I liked the lizards. I decided to try wetting them to see if they would stick to the wall better.

I like the Littles books. I’m glad that I got them because then I had something to read at bedtime. The books that we already have I’m going to leave a the cabin for other kids to read. They have a bookshelf with lots of books to read and I’ve found lots of things to read.

I liked the notebook and the pen and the pencil.

Today to went a cave and saw bats (Mr. GT says, “Rats??”) It’s hot. Maybe we’ll go swimming when we get back.

When we swam in the creek, we swam in a big creek twice.


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