Friday, July 18, 2008

From Bush Baby to Skinhead

Yeah. We had a little accident today.

It was haircut day and Sunshine needs his done frequently because he has these 2 weird swirls on the back of his head. He was pretty bushy.

So I put on the 1/2" clipper and was zooming away while Mr. GT held him down. He doesn't mind a haircut. In fact, he likes it. He just can't hold still for one nanosecond.

So I'm zooming. And suddenly, the clipper guard falls off. Only I keep zooming. Oops.

So now we can't continue with the 1/2" guard because the boy has a big bare spot in the back.

We switch to the 3/8" or something like that and I'm zooming along again, when it occurs to me that this would be cute.

And it is! It's adorable! But Mr. GT immediately vetoes it. So Sunshine got to keep his mohawk for 5 minutes while I buzzed Mr. GT's hair.

And now he's a skinhead. My baby!

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