Friday, July 25, 2008

Postcards for Nonny

Dear Nonny,

Thank you for the presents. I like the hair curlers. It makes my hair really curly. I’m going to put them in tonight after I take my shower and see if my hair gets even curlier when it’s wet.

I also like the sticky lizards. If you get them wet, and throw them at the wall, they stick for a really long time.

The watermelon spray was really yummy and I sprayed some at all the kids. When it ws gone, I filled it up with water and sprayed that instead. When I was spraying the water in the air, Mom thought it was dust.

I liked the pen and pencil and the notebook. I like those kind of mechanical pencils.

We went swimming in the creek twice and we might go swimming today. Yesterday it rained so we played board games inside. Today we’re going to the cave.

There is a cat that lives near our cabin and she is very friendly. She has baby kittens, but we haven’t seen them. We named her Oreo because she’s black and white. There is also a dog that comes around every morning to say hello and her name is Shasta. She’s yellow and big.

There is a little tiny creek right by our cabin and there is fish and crayfish in there. We also have a little house with dishes like the greenhouse.

The cows and horses have their pasture right by our cabin. There are 6 cows and two horses.

Love, RoseBud

Dear Nonny,

I really like the snacks you brung. And I really like the really cool lizards which we sticked to the wall. Mine didn’t stick so we added some water and we threw them on the wall in Molly’s room and they stuck. It was raining that day.

I really liked the cool goopy spider. It lighted up. And then Mommy took it away cuz I whacked her with it.

We really had a good time there. I really miss you.

Love, Banana Boy.

More to come.....

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