Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mr. GT and the kids were up about 7:30. I lazed and dozed in bed until 9:15. It was sunny and hot early, early. Mr. GT made French toast and after breakfast the kids went out to feed the cat, check their crayfish habitat (one was dead) and play in the playhouse. They opened the day’s presents from Nonny which were Teddy Grahams and Gummy worms—perfect, since it was snack time! They immediately snarfed everything down.

Everyone changed into swimsuits and we headed down the road to where we’d been told the creek of our dreams was. They weren’t kidding! It was awesome! In most places it was only ankle deep. It was teeming with minnows and small fish. The kids had found nets at the cabin and brought them along, so they spent most of the time catching the little fish.

Well, here, I’ll let them tell it.

Rose Bud

What did we do today? Oh, yeah. Swimming in the creek was fun except for the disgusting spider and the water moccasin and the leeches. (Mr GT: "And the stingrays") Catching the fish. I liked the water slide and my current pool. I didn’t like that the big fish were so hard to catch. The little fish were really easy. I caught, like, 27 at once. (BB: I caught, like, 88.) Yeah, right. He did not catch 88. Twenty-seven is more realistic. I found lots of cool rocks. I liked playing Twister at the cabin with Dad, & Daisy & Pepper (BB: "and Banana Boy"). Sunshine just tried to climb on top of us while we were all twisted up. All our crayfish died and one of our fish that we had in a container with some rocks and gravel and water. Only one fish lived. So I put that fish back.

Banana Boy:

We had supper and I fighted where I was going to sit and it was at the cabin. And then I had to go on my bed. Then I had a fit, so then I found a way to get down and I opened the door and went to see what was for supper. It was Indian with rice and broccoli and Dal Makhani. We played outside for a little while and we saw a cat and we named him Oreo. And then we found a dog when we were in the playhouse so we had to close it up so the dog wouldn’t go in it. And we had a lot of fish. We had two fish and we had about seven crayfish. That’s the end!

Mr. GT

Highlights of my trip so far: Lincoln Museum, the Arch, the Botanical Gardens, playing Don’t Break the Ice in the cabin, Our cottage, dead armadillos, pretty wife.

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