Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life as it should be

Everyone is now home and things feel right again. Last week, Rose Bud and Daisy were at camp all week. This week, all four big kids went to Auntie's for a couple of days.

I missed them!

Tonight everyone is sleeping in their own beds and it all feels good.

This week I had only Sunshine and I was lonely! Today I even borrowed two extra kids!

Water saving tip o' the day: Fix the drippy faucet. (this is the one the three year old plays with and not only does it drip all by itself, it is tricky to shut off completely. After I've used it, it says "drip drip drip drip" After Sunshine has been playing with it, it says "dripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdripdrip" Wasteful, especially if you don't check it before you leave for the day.

Honey? Fix the faucet! Please.

And anyone who is not playing the save-the-water-in-the-shower game with me: DO IT NOW! Stop making me suffer with soapy hair alone!

I cannot shower this way! I like to get wet, soap my hair, rinse my hair, wash my face, soap body, rinse body, DONE. With the new shut-the-water-off method, I keep forgetting to rinse my hair and I never get to shave. My legs are all pricky! It's just not working out!

Come on! Try it! Let me know if it doesn't mess you all up, too!

It's HARD to be careful with your water when you are used to taking it for granted.

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