Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For Leslie

You have to read Leslie's post to understand this one.

Granted, I made my bed before I took the pictures. Normally, I NEVER make my bed. Why bother, if you are just going to sleep in it again? My other theory is that if the cat barfs, it is so much easier to wash the sheets than to haul the comfortor down to the laundrymat!

Anyway, Leslie, you can see that our rooms are fairly similar. Notice the teeny little TV? The exercise equipment doubling as a quilt rack? Hubby's desk. Toys Sunshine drags in and doesn't drag back out. I am nothing if not a great multi-tasker, and my rooms are too!

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Oh, and I wanted to be sure to mention that after I finshed climbing around on my bed to make it up for this photo, I felt something in between my toes. What squishy thing had gotten caught between my toes in my bed?!?!?

Gum. Sunshine's gum. He must have laid down for his nap with it in his mouth.



Recovering Noah said...

Oh my gosh, Sandwich. How did I miss this post?????

I'm glad to know we're not the only ones who don't have a 52 inch TV. Is yours a VCR combo, too? We are sooo high tech. lol.

And thank you SO much for the sleeping arrangment idea. It's worked perfectly. I never would have believed it - but she's sleeping in her own bed. Yay!!!

P.S. Even now - WITHOUT all the clothes on our rowing machine, it still sits forlornly - unused. :-)

sandwichinwi said...


I'm sorry to tell you that we are now the proud owners of a flat screen digital TV. It's about as small as you can get, but still. Dh came home with it the other night and now we will not suffer without TV for one nanosecond when Feb. 19 rolls around. We will be READY!

We have all separate components...VCR, DVD, TV. Dh is paranoid that if one breaks you'd have to replace the whole thing if it were all in one.

Glad Nandi is sleeping and you are too!