Monday, June 2, 2008

My Mighty Three-Year Old

Because he's only 10 months old to me, I forget that Sunshine is a big ole boy of three!

We went to the park today and he chugs along with his little legs in his little sandals, running, running, running.

He loves the playground and loves to climb and slide. He can climb all the different ladders and is very confident with his balance.

Whatever Banana Boy does, Sunshine is right there. He's very low-key about it, but as soon as BB does it, Sunshine is right behind him trying it too. Today BB climbed up on the railing of the playground steps ("Look, Mom! Look at me!") and as soon as he hopped down, Sunshine was up, too ("Mom! Mama! Mama!")

When I took him for a walk with me on Saturday, I let him out of the stroller for the last 1/4 mile or so. He had a stick and he was so busy dragging it in the dirt on the trail. He is just such a little boy and I smile whenever I see him doing those things.

For some reason, BB has never been "just a little boy." I don't know what it is that is different about him, but he's not the rough and tumble, stick-throwing, rock-climbing, ant-smushing boy that Sunshine is. He's tough and he's agile and he's strong and he's fast and he's coordinated, but he just has a different flow about him.

And as I say that, he and his best buddy are out on the deck alternately sword-fighting with some rubber boat oars and shooting suction-cup arrows with Buddy's bow.


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Amy and Einar said...

It was good seeing you last Saturday. Too bad it got so busy and we couldn't chat more!

amy (and einar)