Monday, June 30, 2008

All Creatures Great and Small

I have a lot of tolerance for God's little creatures. I don't hunt. I don't let my kids burn ants with a magnifying glass or smoosh bugs just for the fun of it.

But I don't exercise the same love for spiders. If you are a spider and you are in my house or on my arm, prepare to die. I'm not like my neighbor, who if she finds a spider in her house, slides a sheet of paper under it and tosses it outside to reproduce and make more of its kind that will invade my house.

This morning, there was a spider in the shower. I kept nonchalantly tossing handfuls of water at it (only at the beginning and end of my shower, of course!), but it kept scuttling away, determined to live.

Finally we came to a tense agreement: I'd stay on the water end of the tub, and it would stay way down at the other end near the kids' toys. I figured this was a little bit of divine intervention and God had big plans for this spider.

And then I dropped the soap.


Mom said...

Again, the Indians & their culture & "can do" attitude amaze me. Not many (especially us Americans) could accomplish what they do in the midst of their adversity. Think about it.....they most likely don't have SPIDERS in their buckets!!!!!

Noah Bear said...

LOL. I am so with you on the spider thing! And I have done the same thing in the shower. But I never, ever drop the soap in a shower.

Leslie :-)

sandwichinwi said...

It totally was an accident!