Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Pepper

We had major flooding this weekend (although not as major as some places! Yikes!) and our creek overflowed its banks. Mr. GT figures it was about 100 feet wide at one point. Our saving grace was the daylilies that grow wild along its banks and the hostas we've planted lining our driveway. In spite of all the water that flowed through our yard, none of the yard washed away. The hostas did get flattened however and suffered two major drenchings (one Sunday morning and again Sunday night).
(The flat ones are the ones furthest to the back, mostly under water!)

This morning, watching Rose Bud off to school out the window, I commented that the hostas had fluffed back up. Pepper, next to me in the window shouted out, "Good for YOU, Hostas! Good for YOU!"

Barely over trying to remember that for the blog, Rose Bud appeared from behind the garage, walked under the pine tree and had some sort of shock--she flinched and recoiled a bit. It looked to me like maybe water droplets had fallen off the tree onto her or she had walked through a spider web.

But no. Pepper, who also saw it happen, had her own ideas. "She was walking along when she felt tiny finger clutches on her shoulder! She turned her head to see who was following her and it was the chickens (she slows her voice down to an ominous tone now) and the piiiiine treeeeee creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping up upon her...."

Never one to dwell on anything, she spent the next 5 minutes hopping around on one leg shouting, "I'm a flamingo! I'm a flamingo!"

A bonus picture of Pepper's Beta fish, Blue Moon:

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