Friday, May 27, 2011

We Are Home!

Daisy and I are home and very thankful!

She had a good night and we both got some sleep (as much as you can with the nurse coming in every 1-2 hrs).  Daisy actually slept through all the checks from 7pm to midnight.

She had very little pain, only a 1-2 compared to 5-7 before the surgery.  She did not need anything beyond IV Ibuprofen for pain.  She was able to drink shortly after we got back to our room at 4:30 yesterday and she had juice and a popsicle then.  At midnight she ate green jello and at 4 am she had pudding.  I hope she doesn't stick to this feeding schedule.  Takes me right back to her nursing days!

This morning she wasn't very hungry, but she drank lots and had a vanilla milkshake, then some more juice and lots of water.  She's a very easy patient.  Most cooperative!

We had to wait until 12:30 for the surgeon to come sign her out.  She finished the movie she began yesterday and read on the Kindle and rested while we waited.  She ate a bowl of potato soup and a roll for lunch and then the nurse released her. 

She got to ride out to the parking ramp in a wheelchair and now she's all set up on the futon in the living room.  She feels much better already and is able to walk around some.  Right now she's got a teenage robin outside her window being cared for by its parents.  They are catching and feeding it little bugs while it hangs out at the base of a maple tree.  It's big enough to fly, but not quite big enough to be out on its own.

Pepper and Banana Boy made a big welcome home banner.  Daisy opened her bag of treats from Auntie G.

Banana Boy and Mr. GT and Chaya have gone for a hike and will pick up Rose Bud and Sunshine from the bus.  Then we'll all be together once again.  It feels good.

Thank you to everyone who called or prayed or helped out in anyway!  It meant so much to have all that loving support!

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