Thursday, May 26, 2011

Report From the Spa

Daisy feels all lovely (her words: Weird)on her morphine.

She asked for hand lotion. It's very dry here. She said it feels like spreading shortening on her hands.

We brushed and braided her hair. She brushed her teeth (shhh! Don't tell! She didn't swallow anything.

She enjoyed my breakfast immensely. Smell only. She smelled bacon, an omelet and hash browns. "Ohhh! You got a COOKIE!!?" Yep, I smiled.

She said she can pretend she's doing the 30-hour famine again.

"The good thing about having appendicitis, Mom?" (there's a GOOD thing??). "You don't know if it's your stomach hurting or if you're hungry." She's a little obsessed with food right now.

She's very annoyed by her IV.

SUNSHINE, we watched Handy Manny!!! He got a new tool. It's a flashlight named Flicker.

We drew sunglasses on the pain guys on the white board.

The chaplain came and prayed with us.

Today's parting gifts include socks, a tube of Vaseline, a bottle of shortening, I mean hand lotionand a prayer card.

Surgery is currently scheduled for noon.

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Thanks, I printed it out for the kids to read