Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today's Lunch Coversation

Backstory:  A very sweet stray cat has made his home in our barn.  We think maybe someone dumped him here because he doesn't belong to any of the neighbors and he is very tame.  He doesn't even mind the dog (much).  Last weekend, he disappeared for a few days only to be found in the back of the garage with a half-dollar sized raw wound on his hip.  We took him to the vet and $88 later, he is now our cat.  He is currently confined in a pen in the barn while we give him antibiotics (which he SNARFS down in a spoonful of canned cat food) and watch him to make sure he doesn't have rabies.  And so that he doesn't ooze wound goo all over my house.  Once he is well, we'll have him neutered and bring him inside where he'll, hopefully, get along with Saffron.  His name is Alexander the Gray

And now back to today's lunch:

Banana Boy: Is Alexander going to get well?

Daisy: He's already getting well. His wound looks much better already.

BB: And then he's going to be our house cat! But first he has to get his tentacles out.

puzzled looks from the rest of us.

BB: You know, so he doesn't spray Saffron!

Daisy: His Tentacles. eyebrows go up

BB: EWWW! I'm eating! Don't talk about Tentacles!

Daisy: YOU brought it up!

BB: EWWWW! I'm glad I don't have Tentacles.

Me: Actually, you don't have Tentacles. Octopuses have tentacles. But you have Testicles!


Me: But you don't have to get yours out.

BB: EWWWWWWW! covering ears

Pepper: under her breath.   Heh. Then you'd be a eunuch.

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