Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Track Catch-up #487

Track Meet #7
We never got any written results for this meet, so I have to guess.  The 4 x 800 team won.  They were the only team. :D
 Rose Bud was 3rd or 4th in the Long Jump.  This field had an actual board for the board and it wiggled and freaked her out.  She didn't jump very well.

In the 400m she was 2nd.

The 4 x 400m relay won.  The girls' team lost this meet by one point.

Track Meet #8

This was a big 11-school meet with medals (very exciting!)  Rose Bud ran the 400m and was 6th (out of 16) with a 1:05.66 (best time, I think).  She was 4th in the Long Jump with a jump of  14' 6.25" and their 4 x 400m was 4th out of 9 with a best team time of 4:20.54.  So she got 3 medals.

Track Meet #9

A 2-school meet on a beautiful, warm and sunny afternoon.  Grandma and Grandpa traveled down to watch.  Rose Bud was 2nd in the Long Jump with a 14' 9.25", 3rd in the 400m with 1:05.65 (she was ahead until the last 50m!), and the 4 x 400m won in 4:21.96.

Track Meet #10

Another big meet with 10 or 11 schools.  The 4 x 800m did really well at 3rd with 10:35.00.    She didn't run the 400m.  The 4 x 400m didn't do very well.  Rose Bud tripped over another girl in the hand-off and it slowed her down.  They were 5th of 6 with a time of 4:26.13.    Her Long Jump was good and she was 3rd with a jump of 14' 4".

Next up: Conference.

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