Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's an Appendix!!

Daisy will shortly be joining that esteemed membership--those who are missing their useless bit of intestine.

Go, Daisy!!

(I'm a little punchy. It's nearly 1 am). We're waiting to hear if the pediatric surgical team will come here or if we must be teleported to their hospital. It will come out tonight, though. I mean this morning.

News Flash. We're doing it here. Will update later.

1:30 update. We're getting admitted and having it done midday Thursday. Met the surgeon. He's super nice.

6 am. We got up to the room and all settled in just before 3. It was some work to dispose of the residents who wanted to chat about siblings and grades in school and vaccines for college (we haven't slept in 24 hours, people!!!).

So now it's 6:00 andand we had about 3 hrs. Sleep. Daisy's pain is down since she's on morphine. She's such a trooper! She declined pain meds all night until we got up to the room and I encouraged her to take something so she (we!) could sleep.

Funny moments: (she's been cracking jokes all night)
Me giving a sip of her 40 oz. of barium/Crystal Light to Bearedith (her bear)
Daisy: Drink it all, Bearedith!!

Uh, there were more funny moments but I can't think of them.

Will keep updating.

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