Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Persons Offended By Parts

UPDATE:  scratch the not sharing with the public school teacher part.  A third person who is NOT offended by parts, dropped his pants on the playground and showed his to another student, who WAS offended by said parts.  I got a not-so happy email from the teacher. :( 

Really.  This is becoming over the top.

This morning a certain unnamed Person Who Is Offended By Parts (PWIOBP) said, while sitting next to me listening to me read the Bible:

PWIOBP (interrupting): "AARGH! I am so mad! I hate this!

Whips down garment covering offending part and displays it.

PWIOBP (in a disgusted voice): "This goes up and it annoys me! And you can't do anything about it! The bones in it get all straight and you can't bend it back down because you'll break the bones! Aargh!" Replaces clothing.

Me (slightly shocked at having had to see said part and trying not to laugh): "Mmm hmm. It happens to everyone (of your gender)."


Me: "Mmm hmm." Return to Bible reading, wondering where Dad is at a moment like this.

One hour later....

PWIOBP #2 (whips up article of clothing in the middle of grammar lesson): "Mom!!! Feel these!"

Me: "I felt them last week. They look fine. You can't do anything about them."

PWIOBP #2: "But they hurt! No. Actually they don't hurt anymore. They just feel all blubbery."

Me: "Mmm hmm. They're growing. Everybody (of your gender) has them." sighing

Modesty is obviously in short supply in this house, although in each case PWIOBP and I were the only people in the room.

Apparently, this is why I homeschool....   I wouldn't trade these precious memories with anyone (and I'd sure hate for the public school to have to share them!!!)

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