Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Princess Petulant

The whole sick thing is wearing thin for Pepper. Last night at 11:30 she wouldn't wake up to take her medicine. It doesn't help that it tastes bad.

I petted her. I shook her. I stroked her head. I called her name. She flopped over on her side. I touched her lips with the syringe full of medicine. She slapped it away. I petted her some more. I said, "Please take your medicine." She covered her ears. I tried to put it up to her mouth again. She covered her mouth.

Finally, she bumped the cup and spilled it in the bed. Then I got mad, she got resigned. She sat up and took the medicine. Then she flopped herself back in the bed.

Pepper is a great flopper.

We both slept through the 3:30 dosing and she slept until 7:30 this morning. She was pretty sore and crabby. I made her eat some yogurt before I let her have the meds, as her tummy has been hurting (thankfully, she's not a barfer. That would be Daisy) She crabbed her way through a tube of GoGurt and ate two miniscule bites of cream of wheat.

She hasn't had any appetite today and everything I suggest sounds bad to her. She finally settled on spaghettios and ate two bowls.

I think she's bored.

Poor Princess Petulant.

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