Saturday, August 23, 2008

Comment About our Family Size

I was working tonight--I waitress-- and about 12 people were in for a birthday party. It wasn't my table, but towards the end of the night I noticed they had "Happy 50th" napkins on the table. An elderly lady was sitting at the end and everyone else was talking to someone else, so I stopped by and jokingly said, "It must be your happy 50th!" She looked surprised, then laughed and said I was sweet to think she was only 50. She was actually 85. We got to talking and I asked how many children she had.

"Six," she replied. I said, "Oh, good for you! I have five." Here was her reply:

"Oh, you will be SO grateful! I wish I had had eight!"

Isn't that the sweetest comment? Most people, when they find out you have five children are all "Oh, my gosh, you have your hands full! Better you than me! I could never do that! I can hardly take care of the two I've got! or You must be crazy!"

And I've had that thought before. How wonderful it will be when they are all grown and married and we have Thanksgiving or Christmas and my house is filled to bursting! I don't want to downsize when they've all gone. I want to have room for them all to stay!

What a blessing this lady was to me today.

Here are my buttercups. I think Banana Boy didn't want to wear the shorts I'd picked out for him, so he was having a snit. The girls were very patient, at first, about posing.
Now everyone is trying to look pouty
BB gets madder
Not cooperating
The girls are running out of patience. The smiles are fake now.
Daisy closes her eyes
Now we've lost Sunshine all together.
Dad reaches in a hand to try and improve things
Everyone is on their own agenda now

And we gave up.

But, oh, I do love them!

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