Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Further Adventures of Princess No-Tonsil

Pepper slept from 5 to 6:30 last night and woke up pretty sore. She snuggled with us and ate frozen applesauce while she waited for her 4 hours to be up so she could have more Tylenol. She got the Coedine in honor of it being bedtime.

We went to bed about 9 and I set the timer for 11:30. I had to wake her up to give her the next dose and we both fell right back to sleep.

At 3:30, she got up to use the bathroom, didn't want the yucky Coedine (but took it anyway) and ate a popsicle. At 4:30 she had to go potty (thanks to the whole glass of water she had an hour earlier) and her tummy hurt. I decided it was time for Mr. GT to take a shift, so he came down and fed her Blue Moon ice cream while I went upstairs to sleep with Sunshine (who had been displaced to Daisy's bed, who had been displaced to Pepper's bed).

Grandma and Grandpa (whom I forgot to mention had graciously come down to babysit yesterday while we were at the hospital (and thanks for doing all our laundry, Grandma!!!!!!)) had to leave at 7 this morning, so everyone was up and at 'em very early to say goodbye.

Grandma and Grandpa left, Mr. GT went to work. Pepper ate a bowl of Cream of Wheat and said she felt pretty good. We invited LayleyHey! over from next door to keep her company, and they are quietly playing on the couch.

Her appetite is good which the nurse, who called this morning, said is a great sign. She's moved on to noodles with parmesan and butter and is now emptying a little cup of Blue Moon.

Auntie, she LOVED the back of your card, "Pecked out just for you." She giggled and giggled over that and made everyone read it. It was very punny!

Thank you, everyone who has helped us out these few days. Grandma & Grandpa who babysat, did laundry, weeded the whole garden; Nonny, the popsicle-shopper & cake rescuer; Auntie, who sent card and gift; and everyone who prayed for her.

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