Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick & Sick

Banana Boy began Tuesday night with a fever. He had been coughing at night for about a week. He has had a fever every day since. And coughing. And whining. His mouth tastes bad. His breath tastes bad. Whatever we feed him tastes bad. Medicine tastes bad.

Daisy got a headache the next day and by Thursday night had a fever. She has been mostly achy and feverish, better today.

Pepper has had shooting pains in her earlobe. And a fever, a little achy, a little stuffy, a little coughing, since Thursday night. Better today.

Sunshine has been coughing at night and last evening began with the fever. He fell asleep in the chair at 6 pm. At midnight he brought his hot little body into my bed to snuggle up with me. He is incredibly sweet and loving when he feels bad. A hot little snuggle bug. After the ibuprofen kicks in, he is a wild man. We almost like him better sick! And this is on the dye-free stuff.

This afternoon Sunshine came to snuggle up with me in the chair and watch the Wiggles and the Big Red Car. All of a sudden he coughed and covered his mouth with his hands. We went running for a non-carpeted room where he continued to keep his mouth covered with his hands, thereby spewing not just downward, but in all directions. Rose Bud, who is useless in a puking emergency, lay paralyzed on the couch with her hands over her ears. I finally screamed loudly enough that she could hear me and she managed to escape out to the patio to fetch Mr. GT, our resident go-to man in all things barfy.

I managed to not lose my whole lunch right there on the floor while I waited for Mr. GT to come to my rescue. I bathed Sunshine and snuggled him up in the chair.

After he had a nap, we snuggled some more in the chair. Another cough---I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, I got the bucket up there in time. I told him he is Daddy's boy tonight. "Me Mommy's boy 'morrow," he told me. That's fine, I said, if you are done throwing up!

Rose Bud has been coughing, but thus far has escaped the fever. I thought she felt a little warm tonight. She went to bed early. She's determined to follow in her father's footsteps and go to school tomorrow, sharing all her germs with all her friends. We'll see.

I'm not catching this, BTW. I have been popping Wal-borne every 3 hours like clockwork. So far, so good.

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