Friday, November 20, 2009

Making sewing kits for Sarah's kids

For her birthday party, Daisy wanted to do something to help out Sarah's kids. Since Sarah wanted us to teach the kids to sew when we come, she had suggested we make little stuffed pillows out of felt. Putting the two ideas together, I decided the girls at Daisy's party could make up sewing kits for us to bring along.

We bought felt sheets and I made 3 patterns which the girls traced onto the felt with permanent markers. They cut out the pillows and used a gromet maker to punch holes all around the sides so the kids could just focus on the sewing skill without having to worry about pushing the needle through the thick felt.

The girls picked out yarn for each pillow and cut it to 18" lengths, then packaged the felt, yarn and a needle in individual kits in ziploc bags.

Daisy turned 11 and her friends were 8, 9, & 10, and this was a perfect craft project for them. The hole-punching was the hardest part, but each girl punched out her two pillows. When their hands got tired, they took a break and finished the punching later while watching a movie.

They look angry in these pictures, but really they were having so much fun! I think they were all just concentrating hard.

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sarah bess said...

that's awesome! They'll love this! Sweet of her to want to do that on her birthday!