Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Thank You's

Thank you to

Cindy & Doug
Paul & Karen
Ron & Sue

Look at our total! We're only $60 away from $2000! We're half-way there!

BTW, do you remember what my goal was? I was counting on 100 donations of $20 and 10 donations of $200.

(I just love statistics!)

Do you know how many donors have put together the $2000? Only 29! TWENTY-NINE people/couples have donated $2000! People have been VERY generous and I am so grateful to each and every one of you!

Have you shared yet? Only 23 of my one hundred $20-donors have given. There are still EIGHTY of you out there! 80 times 20 is $1600 more dollars!

You might think that your little bit doesn't matter, but IT ALL ADDS UP! I'm counting on the small donors to help me reach my goal.

(BTW--even if you give $5, it makes a difference! It pairs up with a $15 donation and BLAM! Another $20 reached!)

I know God is working on this, and I'm still feeling really patient. It's not what I am doing with this, but what HE is doing! I am amazed every day at how He is providing for Sarah's kids.

Pop on over to the Chip-In. Don't be shy! Or email me at sandwichinwi at gmail dot com for an address to which you can mail a check.

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