Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another thank you and a report on the first distribution

A heartfelt thank you to

Arnold & Francine

As you may have read yesterday and today on this blog, Sarah has had a big week! One of the children, Justin had a serious stroke and had to be taken to the hospital in Ongole, then transferred to Hyderabad, a much bigger city with many more medical resources.

If you've been reading Sarah's blog, you've seen her other big news. She has been expecting a new group of children from the government orphanage. Currently she has 44 in two separate homes. This new group was to be 10 more.

Then it was 25 more by Christmas.

On the same day Justin had his stroke, Sarah got a call that the new group will be all 34 severely disabled children at the gov't orphanage AND....


Needless to say, Sarah has a lot on her plate this week! In addition to the unexpected expense of Justin's medical bills (expected to run $1500), there will be new expenses for the new children.

Sarah posts little tickers (interactive charts that tally donations--like a little thermometer) on her blog to show needs and donations. There were two tickers that have been hanging out there for a long time.

One was a collection for new beds for the first group of 10 children. Sarah estimated that $250 would buy a bed frame, mattress, mattress cover, two bedsheets, two pillows, four pillowcases, and one blanket. 10 sets of beds and beddings was $2500 and for over a week now, she has been just $63 from reaching that goal. So I covered that.

There was also a ticker to cover the cost of Grandma Suganam's cataract surgery, of which there was $188 remaining. I also covered that. (Here is the 1st part and the 2nd part of that story. Please do read it and see how your donation helped one of the sweet nannies who cares for the children to read her Bible!)

Including a little extra which will hopefully cover whatever little bit needed to wire the money, I sent a check to India's Hope for $255.

Please understand that I share all these details, not to gain glory or recognition for myself, but to be transparent with the donations you have entrusted to me. To God be the glory and may he do great things with what you have generously shared!

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