Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Introducing You to Sarah

I can't begin to tell you how this ministry has invaded my heart. Sarah is an American, married to an Indian Christian pastor and they have 3 daughters.

The ministry Sarah has been called to for these children is nothing short of amazing. The children she serves had been some of the most neglected, unloved, unwanted children anywhere. Living (barely) in government orphanages, disabled children are throw-away children. I'll share pictures with you in a future post. These children were considered unadoptable and unworthy.

Anyway, Sarah tells it best, so I'll let you read what she has to say.

Here is a brief excerpt from her SCH brochure:

Sarah’s Covenant Homes (two
homes for 43 children with
neurological special needs) is
where the deepest desires of
my heart meet the deepest needs of children’s
lives. I want them, and they need
love and care from someone like me.
Here in India, children born with neurological
special needs like cerebral palsy,
mental retardation, epilepsy, and autism
are the most likely to be abandoned and
least likely to be adopted. Consequently,
they languish in institutional orphanages
where they’re seen as liabilities rather than
treasured individuals. Neglected physically
and emotionally, these children tend to
die young. They’re some of the most profoundly
alone human beings on the planet.
I approached the government institutional
orphanage in 2007 and asked them for five
children with special needs, specifically
mental retardation. They told me, “Why
only five? We have over seventy children in
this building with mental retardation. Why
not at least start with ten?” That sounded
great to me!
A month or so later, I was wanting to make
preparations for the ten children, and I
called the government back to ask for more
details about the kids we were to receive:
How many boys and how many girls? The
department director said, “I can tell you
this much. You’re getting about 30 boys
and about 20 girls.” My heart was overwhelmed—
with excitement!

Of course, I still didn’t know where the
money or staff would come from. But just
about a week before I’d gotten a promise
from the Lord: “I’ve taken great pains to
provide for the temple of the Lord….”
(said David to Solomon in 1 Chron 22).
He’d provided 37 tons of gold, 300-some
tons of silver, wood, and skilled workers.
Then David said, “Now begin the work,
and the Lord be with you.” We started by
faith, and the weekend before I received
the first shift of ten abandoned special children,
I received funds to begin and two sets
of foster parents stepped forward to commit!
Since that day, it’s been one miracle
of provision after another. It’s been a ride!

Just to show you what I'm talking about, here are before and after photos of Grace, taken 6 months apart. You can see the condition Grace was in when she came to SCH.And with 6 months of love, human touch, prayer, medical care (she had serious epilepsy) and good nutrition, here is the miracle that is Grace now.

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