Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

I am thankful...

1. That I got to help out at Kindergarten today with the pumpkin party. We measured the pumpkin (which we named Stephanie), guessed how many seeds might be inside (and counted) and carved it. I love kindergarteners!

2. That BB has been having a really good week. The meltdowns have been few and far between and the ones he has had have been short and easily intercepted. He has been showing great self-control. I'm so proud of him!

3. That I can homeschool Daisy and Pepper. I enjoy spending my days with them. THey are sweet and funny and helpful and kind.

4. That we are going to spend 3.5 days with my in-laws. I like my in-laws! And it's fun to go somewhere else for a change. THe kids will have a blast and I'm going to work on Grandma's Christmas present which is a scrapbook of her latest trip. (she knows already, so I can write it out loud).

5. That I am alive.

6. That my mom likes to babysit. A lot. (was I thankful for this last week too? I can't be thankful enough. It's a huge help!)

7. That I love my job.

8. That so far, having a 13 year old has been pleasant and easy.

9. That 10 years ago I gave birth to sweet Daisy.

10. That I am not in any immenent danger of giving birth again! (adopt, yes; babies, no more! :D )

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