Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

I've been looking for a fun posting theme for my blog for a while and haven't found anything that trips my trigger. Today I read on Leslie's blog (and if y'all don't read Leslie's blog regularly, you should! She is SO funny! Most of her posts have me laughing out loud (that's LOL, for those of you who don't get out much)) that she is in a crabby mood, but was inspired by Shara to post Ten Thankful Things Tuesday. That inspired me.

ANYhoo.... Here are Ten Things I am Thankful for Today (why all the unnecessary caps???)

1) I am thankful that we have found a spelling program that works really well for Daisy. "Works really well" means a) she doesn't cry when she does it, b)it improves her speleng (that's how she spelled it, as a joke this morning) and c)there is no extra work for me (because if there were, it would not get done. (Oh, btw, it is Sequential Spelling and you can buy it here)

2) I am thankful that Mr. GT got to Minneapolis safely.

3) I am thankful that Sunshine has not poo]ped in his unders in two weeks (and yesterday he even took off his diaper after his nap to use the potty!!!!!)

4) I am thankful I have such funny kids that make me LOL (see post below)

5) I am thankful that I am able to sleep when my boys are in my bed. They were both piled in around me like puppies last night since Mr. GT was gone. (Incidently, he CAN'T sleep when anyone is touching him, so he hates a puppy pile.)

6) I am thankful for our extended family who are just nuts about my kids. Nonny, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Uncle, this means YOU!

7) I am thankful that because my extended family is nuts about my kids, they are willing to watch all five of them. Often.

8) I am thankful for our excellent public library system.

9) I am thankful for the maple tree that grows in my neighbors' yard and is like FIREWORKS every fall. It is so beautiful, it is breathtaking! (right now it is red, yellow, orange and green!)

10) Ooh, I can hardly pick just one more... Ok, this one. Yesterday I was reading to Pepper about our beliefs about baptism since we are Lutheran and AWANA is not. This phrase struck me yesterday, so I am thankful that because I have "abundant life in Christ [I am] living as a 'saint and a sinner' -- totally forgiven and totally in need of forgiveness." All at the same time! Isn't that cool!

In fact, I'm going to share the whole quote with you.

"Praise God! We can teach our children that the Christian life is not a dreary struggle to get better, to reach perfection, to look good, or to maintain a "religious high" (guilty of this!). Abundant life in Christ is...

-living "in Christ" as a branch lives in a vine (Johne 15:5)
-trusting God -- God's mercy, forgiveness, and promises
-living as a 'saint and a sinner' -- totally forgiven and totally in need of forgiveness
-receiving again and again the gift -- new life in Christ
-responding to God's love by loving God, the neighbor, and all creation -- faith active in love
-being empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit
-clinging to Christ alone for comfort
-giving thanks each day that...


(FROM Let the Children Come: A Baptism Manual for Parents and Sponsors by Daniel Erlander copyright 1996)


Recovering Noah said...

I'm thankful that you wrote about Sequential Spelling so that I can now check it out. I have GOT to find something for Eli that works.

And thanks for the blog plug. :-)

sandwichinwi said...

Eli is a little young for spelling. I would just focus on phonics for now. Pepper doesn't even do spelling and she's going on 8.

You're welcome for the plug! I love your blog!!!!

Alphabet Kid said...

I liked your number 10. A good friend of mine is having her baby baptized on the 26th, so I'm going to share it with her. Thanks!

CC said...

Hi Sandwich, I just found you from Christine's blog, but I know you from the Holt BB!! Great to "see you"!!!!