Thursday, March 13, 2008

You Never Know How Your Day Will Bless Others

So my mom babysits for us a lot. A LOT. And often it wears her out. But she's always cheerful about it, even if she has to go home and take a nap afterwards.

Wednesday I had a doctor appointment, so the plan was for her to babysit at our house. Since she was coming, and since I get out so seldom, I jumped at the opportunity to have her come early.

And because she was willing to help me out, the following people were blessed...

I took a baby gift and a package of soup mix to a friend with a new baby (THE most beautiful baby I have ever seen! Oh, my gosh!) She was blessed with a gift and a dinner and some company in those hazy first-week days when you're stuck at home with your other kids and the new baby and no sleep, when the only time you get to leave the house is to take the baby in for a check-up.

I stopped up at the hospital to visit my 2 yo god daughter and her mom, my best friend. Baby AK has been on an NG tube for feeding for the last 6 weeks or so because she has severe food allergies. Now, it turns out, she is allergic to the formula they've been giving her all this time in the tube. So she's ended up in the hospital for the second time while they try to figure out what she can eat.

I brought AK a present of teeny tiny little plastic animals and we sorted them all out--the chickies and the horsies and the goats and the dogs and she knocked them all over so they were sleeping. Her mom got to go down the hall and eat something--because AK isn't having anything by mouth right now except that which she's been deemed not allergic to (aka: pears) no one eats in front of her. I was able to bring socks up for them which they'd forgotten to pack. And her mom appreciated the company.

Both the nurse and my doctor were in great moods and I was glad to bless them with a great mood back. It's such a drag to be around surly people. I was glad to be a happy patient for them.

I gave all the receptionists a smile and a "Have a great day!"

The salesclerk at the Chinese restaurant where I bought my lunch also got a big smile and a greeting.

I'm not sharing these little things I did to brag about how nice I am (because I certainly have my surly moments!!!), but rather to remind myself how the little things I do as I pass through life can bless others in a big way. Kindness and a smile go such a long way.

And by cheerfully babysitting for me at home, my mom allowed me to go out and spread my sunshine around town, which blessed me, too.

Thanks, Mom! I hope you were blessed, as well. Love you!

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