Friday, March 7, 2008

Today Banana Boy felt REALLY blessed...

I took the kids to Culver's for lunch. As he was sitting across from me eating his ice cream cone, he looked at me with such love in his eyes and said:



Batting his beautiful eyes at me and with all sincerity and gratefullness: "Thanks for letting us out."

I almost spit out my soda. I didn't know he's felt so imprisoned this winter!!! LOL

I guess we need to get out more.



NSG said...

Hey Mrs. GT-

I too decided not to let winter defeat me today, and took the dog to to the park in your neck of the woods. They haven't plowed the top, so it's quiet and peaceful. The hound dog and I enjoyed a nice unencumbered walk through the woods. There you go, my blessing of the day on your blog!
Thanks again for dinner the other night. It was awesome, and having good food for lunch the next day was a nice reprise.


sandwichinwi said...

you are most extremely welcome! We enjoyed it too!