Monday, March 3, 2008

Five Little Blessings

Today I'm just going to share a photo shoot with you of my five blessings. We needed a pic to send off for Sunshine's 6-month post-placement report. You can view the blessings in various stages of cooperation :D

Sunshine, smile! (Rose Bud, put your arms down)
Rose Bud! Put your arms down!
Sunshine, look at the camera! Banana Boy, can you smile for real?
ROSE BUD! Put your arms down! Sunshine, stop touching Rose Bud
Good job with the arms, Rose Bud! Sunshine, smile nice. Banana Boy! Look at the camera! Daisy, open your eyes!
Mom ruined this one...
Almost there (what is Pepper doing??)
This one is cute
I think we're done here...
Oh, yeah, definitely done...
Banana Boy! Look out!
Giving up


Noah Bear said...

I love it!! That's pretty much how it goes at my house, too. Glad to know it's universal!

P.S. 6 months already!! That went by fast.

Leslie :-)

Paddy said...

lol - this is too cute

TheChappelFamily said...

This cracks me up!