Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are you blessed with family?

You may or may not consider your family a blessing, but consider if you had no family. What would it be like to not have anyone? Think of the panic you'd feel if you were a child and suddenly were without family. Or the fear of the thought you might never have a family. Or the terror if you knew you had no permanent place in this world.

Watch this video. Read Renee's post in her blog.

Renee's wonderful blog, Steppin' Heavenward

I'm not asking you to be like Renee and parent 11 children. She has a special gift with which God has blessed her.

But can you pray for the orphans? Can you share with the orphans?

For $30 a month, you can sponsor a child through Holt International. That's one dollar a day.

Do you drink a soda every day? How often do you stop at Starbucks? Do you have a fast food meal every other week? Do you get your nails done? Where are you spending $30 a month? Would you be willing to share that with an orphan?

I take the kids out to lunch once a week ($20 or more). I buy dinner at work 4 nights a week ($3 each time). I treat myself at Starbucks every other week or so ($5). I buy something I have to have on ebay once a month or so ($20) I buy one or more of the kids a cute something on clearance about once a month ($30). I live a life of disposable luxury.

I sponsor 3 kids through Holt. I could do more.

I could pray more. I pray that God will protect the orphans, let them know they are loved by the King of Kings, that they are not orphans if He is their Father. I pray that they know human love and kindness, that they live free of fear and pain, that they are not hungry, that they someday will will have a family of their own who will love them forever.

And if God is speaking to your heart about adoption, hear that voice. Not everyone is called to care for orphans in this way, but if you are being called, know that God will make a way for it to happen if you will trust him.

It doesn't take a hero to love a child. I am not a hero. But I am blessed daily by the love of my boys, the things God is teaching me through them, by the joy they bring me every day. They are my heroes.

Be blessed by a child.


Noah Bear said...

LOVE this post!!! I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet - I always seem to read blogs when I'm running late for something - but will definitely check it out later.

Can I link to your message off my blog?


sandwichinwi said...



Have I said how I love YOUR blog? I keep finding great stuff when I read it.

Together you and I can change the world. A little bit.