Friday, April 29, 2011

Track Meet #6

It was far to wet and COLD to take any pictures.  I wore leggings under jeans and a long-sleeved shirt under a fleece sweater under my winter coat under a rain coat.  And a blanket over all that.  Under an umbrella.  No pictures.

Rosebud had a great meet, though!  Her first event was the 4 x 800m Relay.  Their team won (out of 2 teams...)  They were told by the coach to take it easy in this race since they "knew" they would win, so they didn't push it and therefore their time was 12:04.51.

Right after the 4 x 800m, she had to rush over to the Long Jump pit to do her run-throughs and then jump.  They get 4 jumps in Varsity and she jumped 14' 1.25", 14' 9.5", 14' 1" and 14' 4":  all really great jumps!  The winning jump was 15' 8", so she came in 2nd.

Next up was the 400m and she ran a 1:07.33 and finished 3rd out of 6.

The very last race at every meet (yay, us) is the 4 x 400m.  Since this was only a 3-school meet, and one of the schools had hardly any participants in any race, they ran only one heat, so there were 6 male teams and 2 female teams.  Rosebud ran the first leg against a super-fast runner and the 3 girls who followed her were a) having an asthma attack, b) and c) not feeling well.  Even so, they ran a 4:38.98.  They were, of course, 2nd out of 2 female teams.

Any time now we are ready for a sunny, warm track meet.  I'm beginning to feel like they compare with the Packers, running on the frozen tundra.  Bring on those Southern teams!  We can beat them in the sleet!

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