Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catching up on Track Meets

Meet #3, 10 schools

400 m  1:06.99 (personal best thus far)
10th out of 19, fastest on team

4 x 400m Relay 4:27.04
team was 6th of 9, she ran 2nd and liked that position

Long Jump 13' 1"
first time jumping this year, 15th out of 21, best jump on team
personal best is 13' 9" (8th grade)

Meet #4 Dual meet (one other school only, super cold and windy)

400m 1:09.07
3rd of 4

800m 2:47.16
first time ever running this event, 2nd of 4

Meet #5 Triangular Meet (2 other schools)  This was a really good meet.  The girls' team won the meet.

4 x 800m Relay 10:58.53
ran 2nd position--funny story:  she got WAY behind her competitor in her leg and was really worried that she couldn't keep up.  Came to find out later she ran a 2:46ish and the other girl ran a 2:18!  No wonder!  Even so, their team won the race.

400m 1:07.06
2nd place out of 8!

4 x 400m Relay 4:35.5
team 1st place

Long Jump 14' 8.25" !!!!
previous best jump was 13' 9" (8th grade)
2nd place! (1st place jumped 14' 10")
(her other 3 jumps were 13' 8", 13' 11" and a scratch)

So, there you have all the gory details for grandmas and aunties and other people who are interested and I can find all the stats when I'm ready to scrapbook her season.  Ta da.

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