Saturday, April 2, 2011


Daisy holds the light over the box to keep them warm while we wait for Mr. GT to bring water.  We dipped each one's beak in the water as we took them out of the box to make sure they all knew where the water was.

Violet came in to check out the new babies.  "Would you like a little family like this?" Daisy asked her.  "A LITTLE family!?" Pepper shouted.  There are 27 chicks in all!
  What Violet REALLY wanted was their food.

Aren't they beautiful?

There is one Polish (the dark one in the center of the photo with the puff on his head)  There are also two "rubbernecks" as the kids call them.  They have no down on their naked little necks.  Mr. GT is going to take the catalog out later and they're going to try to figure out which kinds they all are.

Banana Boy, you can name some when you get home!

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