Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

My life isn't simple, but Mary over at Owlhaven posted this today and I thought I'd play along. Actually, my life is simplER right now because I only have two children. The girls are all at Bible camp.

For Today…

Outside my window… neat and newly-mown lawn and a vast cornfield waving in the breeze

I am thinking… that Sunshine is finally a boy and not a baby. I took the boys for a bike ride/run on the bike trail and Sunshine ran for over half a mile. And then he ran some more. Afterwards, we went to the park and I was so moved by his maturity. I showed him how to climb into the baby swing by himself and he did it. Then he remembered how and did it again later. He also was pushing Banana Boy on the merry-go-round and with a few verbal instructions from my position over on the bench, he was able to jump on. It was so cute!

I am watching… the boys play together (as they have no one else but each other today)

I am thankful for… my husband’s job, my job and the many other ways God meets our financial needs (totally copied and pasted that one from Mary. I'm not thankful for this enough!)

From the kitchen… frozen pizza rolls (total junk food!), organic yogurt and green grapes and later today, spaghetti and meatballs

I am wearing… favorite tan capris and a salmon-colored t-shirt

I am reading... McGurk mysteries by E.W. Hildick (a favorite from my childhood that the girls just discovered at the library)

I am creating… a letter to send to RoseBud and Daisy at camp

I am looking forward to… picking up Pepper tomorrow and hearing all about her first year (by herself) at camp

A picture for today

---photo by Rose Bud ---

If you would like to play, too, go to Simple Woman’s Daybook and leave a link.

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Recovering Noah said...

Ah, I haven't been to Owlhaven's blog in ages. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Love your "simple day". Glad you're back from Hawaii.

I was getting too jealous reading all those posts! lol