Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hawaii: It's still Thursday!

Hopefully, this will be the LAST Thursday post. If you're just joining in, go here to begin in the morning. Otherwise, you will be mightily confused.

So, we left the PCC. Now we drive down again through the middle of the island. You can't actually follow the coast all the way back to Honolulu as there is a military spot partway around and You. Can't. Go. There.

Just past Laie in some little town (just get the book!) our book talked about shrimp trucks. Mmm! Shrimp trucks!

We tried Romy's. Mr. GT and Rose Bud, not being shrimp fans, were persuaded to try Pani Popo. Basically, it's a big white dinner roll swimming in coconut custard. Or something. They loved it.
The rest of us opted for shrimp. Nonny and I got some yummy, spicy stuff. The kids wanted plain old boiled shrimp. No problem. Plain shrimp we have.

When our number was called, I went up to the window to pick up our order and the little lady showed me the shrimp before closing up the box.

Oh, my goodness! One look and I knew there would be cries of protest. I carried the boxes back to the table and with a flourish whipped open the plain shrimp. All four kids screamed (Mr. GT, too!)

Here is Banana Boy with his new friend--- I mean his dinner.
Here's the whole family.
They made me take off all the heads. Then they made me take off the legs, too--wimps.

Nonny and I thoroughly enjoyed our spicy shrimp (actually the kids did too, little vultures!)

Can you hear me now?
This was a snazzy sunsetty spot along the North Shore. The kids had fun climbing down the rocks and looking for crabs.

Pineapple Fields Forever. These belong to the Dole Plantation. 11,000 acres of pineapples. I took this cruising 55 miles and hour down the highway with my trusty Canon PowerShot A520. Pretty good, huh?

After we got back to the motel, Nonny took the little kids to the pool, but Rose Bud desperately wanted to swim in the ocean some more, so Mr & Mrs GT took her down to the beach. It was beautiful to swim in the ocean in the dark. There was actually almost a full moon and the hotels on the beach were all lit up, so we could see pretty well. Mr. GT stood on the beach and watched us.

Moon over Waikiki.

Yay! Thursday is done and it's late! Good night!

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