Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hawaii: Thursday--Gone Coconuts!

We stopped at another park further up the coast. This one had a nutty theme.

Isn't this pretty?
We were nosing around in the driftwood and found some coconuts. They were starting to grow. You can see the little shoot coming out the top of Banana Boy's if you look closely. The kids were THRILLED to find real coconuts!

Of course, Rose Bud set right to work smashing hers open on a length of rebar she found poking out of a piece of cement.

It was fascinating to see the way a coconut is put together. A "real" coconut is not what you find in the store. In the wild it has a husk around it. Rose Bud needed the help of Mr. GT to get the husk off.
Pull, Rose Bud! Pull, Mr. GT!
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Once she got the husk off, she cracked the coconut shell against the rebar. It didn't take much and she had made a hole. The juice (this is not the milk, we learned later) was pouring out all over. The funky little chunk inside is from the part that was growing.

Naturally, the kids wanted to eat it and I vetoed that immediately. You can't eat a coconut that washed up on shore! You can't eat a coconut that has been growing!

Um, apparently you can. Nonny got hold of it and, being Nonny, smashed the poor coconut onto the cement, then washed the pieces off and took a bite. The kids watched her anxiously. When she hadn't convulsed and died after 25 seconds, they were convinced to try it too. Daisy was suspicious, but then Mrs. GT tried some and all fears were lost. It was really good!

Next on the docket was to climb a coconut palm. Rose Bud, as a small thing, used to CRY pitifully when I watched Survivor. One taste of it at seven years old and she was hooked. Unfortunately, her mean mother declared it too risque and profane for a seven year old. Maybe when she turned twelve. So she cried. Pitifully. "What if it's not still ON when I am twelve???"

Thankfully, at the crack of twelve, a new Survivor season began and Rose Bud was right there with it. She hasn't missed an episode since.

Anyway, her new hope is that Survivor will still be on when she is 18 or 19 or 21 or however old you need to be to be on it. And I have no doubt she will win.

In preparation, here she is climbing a coconut palm.
She was fairly way-up-there.

Of course, all the monkeys had to follow suit.

More to come.....

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