Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hawaii: Thursday--Around the Island

Thursday morning we set out at the crack of dawn (my friend, Dawn, always says, "Don't say 'Crack of Dawn.'" Anyway...) with two main objectives: to see the island of Oahu and to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center.

We begin with the tour of Oahu. We could've driven all around the perimeter of the island, but had read that it was beautiful to drive through the mountains.

I said, THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS. Here we go. This is the H-3 tunnel.

And out the other side. Breathtaking!

Riding in the car is just as boring in Hawaii. This boring vehicle is our rental minivan.

Ah, a chance to get out and do fun things. First we pose in front of Chinaman's Hat.

Isn't this a pretty park? I guess (according to Uncle Jack who knows these trivial bits) many scenes from "Lost" were filmed near here. If I had to be lost, this is a good place.Posted by Picasa
After the first day, the girls gave up looking for shells (there are none, at least not that we could find), so they refocused on glass. They accumulated quite a nice collection of polished bits of broken glass. They also accumulated quite a collection of not-so-polished (read: sharp) bits of glass. We made them throw them back. A LOT of broken glass washes up on the shores of Hawaii. Wear water shoes.
You can see Rose Bud doesn't keep her shoes on. My rule is, if you choose not to wear shoes in a dangerous area (ie: the glass-ridden shores of Hawaii, the yard after a re-roofing, an e-coli infested manure pit) then you rescind your right to whine about any cuts on your feet or infection therein. Hence, all small children get to keep their shoes ON.

Looky! Mrs. GT came on this vacation, too!

to be continued...

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