Monday, April 27, 2009

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Daisy and Pepper went to work with Mr. GT.

Pepper described her day (her first time, Daisy's third): We helped switch phones, we helped him type things on the computer, we punched in the closet and we went to our workshops. For lunch we ate nachos, I think. It was like a penguin theme. It was fun. The doll hospital was my favorite part.

Punching wires in the closet.

Rose Bud, who has aged out of Mr. GT's program, came to work with me. She poured and served sodas, bussed and wiped tables, punched orders into the computer, delivered cookies to the kids, helped the hostess roll silverware and took out the bill to each table.

She was great! After showing her once how to do each task, she jumped in and did whatever needed doing. She shadowed me at each table while I took orders and then right away went to get the sodas. She even remembered who ordered which drink and delivered them properly.

The first hour was really slow, which worked out perfectly as she could learn what to do. By 6:15 we got super busy and it was good she was there! We really needed her help!

I ended up making $100 and I gave her $20. Not a bad night's work for a 13 yo!

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