Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Funeral

Bringing the box from the car
Pepper is trying to look sad (because, you know your first instinct when faced with a camera is to smile, even at a funeral.  Ask me how I know!)
It's heavy!
Good-bye, Maple.
We made Dad dig the hole.  Rose Bud is not only fighting back tears, she is also freezing, because she is not wearing a coat.  She is THIRTEEN, you know, and thirteen year olds do not get cold outside.
Party rays for Maple from heaven.  Every time anyone we know dies, we always look for heaven's party rays.  It had actually been pouring rain all day and the sun came out just for his burial.
Pepper's last good-bye
Into the hole.
Banana Boy performs cartwheels for Maple.
Adding Pepper's special Missouri crystal rock as a marker.
Family portrait.


Recovering Noah said...

Hey Sandwich!

My posts to your HS blog keep bouncing back, so thought I'd email you on this blog.

Your post about Workboxes inspired me to get off my rear and order the Ebook. lol. I'm pumped and ready to go!

Keep me up to date on how it's going with your kids. I'm curious to know how to keep Nandi from dumping all the boxes out and trying to sabotage Eli's boxes at the same time. ;-)

sandwichinwi said...

It asked me to moderate it, so i don't think it's actually bouncing back.

I am really excited to start the workboxes, but my kids are all sick this week :(