Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Pepper, catching ladybugs (ok, asian lady beetles) in the window: "Apparently bugs aren't as smart as people think they are!!!"


Banana Boy, in the car after school: "Mom, is Dad your boyfriend?"

Me: "Yes, I guess so"

BB: "Do you always get married to your boyfriend?"

Me: "Well, some people have lots of boyfriends or girlfriends and some people only have a few"

BB: "Right! Because if you had so many, how would you decide which one you should marry!?"

Uh, yeah, I meant lots OVER TIME, but ok.

Me, clarifying for ballet boy, who wants to marry Little Hey: "You will have a GIRLfriend someday." (I can brainwash, can't I???)

BB: "That would be so funny! Which one should I marry????" (still thinking about simultaneous multiple partners)

Me, ready to launch into a long, parental diatribe on dating: "Well, most people don't date a whole bunch of people at once."


Me: "huh?"

BB: "We have to, our class has to collect rocks and they have to be smaller than your thumb and you can't bring more than what fits in a square bag and we have to bring them to school and...."

End of conversation apparently....

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