Friday, December 12, 2008

Things That Crack Me Up

Pepper cracks me up. She couldn't get this cotton to stick to her face while she was standing up, so she lay down on the rug so it wouldn't fall off

I know Baby Jesus isn't supposed to be funny, but my kids arranging the manger cracks me up every time!  Something about all those people and critters clustered in so tightly.  My very favorite in this picture is the sheep right smack in the middle of the picture, right in front of the manger.  Little People sheep crack me up.

Sunshine in glasses cracks me up.  The funniest thing was, after he took them off, I thought he looked odd, like someone who wasn't wearing their glasses!  If he ever needs glasses, I guess we won't have to search long for a style that fits him!

Happy Cracking!

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