Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun Facts About House Hunting

17 The number of years we've lived in this house

16 The number of years we've been looking for a house with more land

10 gazillion The number of houses we've walked through

6 The number of offers we've made on a house

4 The number of those houses (including the one in which we now live and our new house) within 15 miles of each other on the same county road

1 The number of those houses that were 300 miles away

4 The number of those houses I absolutely loved

4 The number of hours we waited before calling in a verbal offer on our first house

5 The number of children we've welcomed home here

2.4 The number of acres we have here

11 The number of acres at the second house we bid on

12 The number of days we were in this contract before we voided it because we discovered the septic holding tank was under the garage floor covered with a sheet of steel

18 The number of inches high the crawl space of that house was into which the sewage was leaking

0 The number of houses still standing on that property, still for sale 9 years later

15 The number of inches thick the log walls of the third house were

5 The number of acres at the third house

9 The number of inches of bat guano lurking in the attic of this home, resulting in our voiding the contract after the inspection

2 The number of years later that Mr. GT's branch company near this home closed (glad we didn't move 300 miles away!)

1 The number of offers we put in which weren't accepted

10,000 The number of dollars apart we were on this fourth offer

21 The number of acres at this fourth property

12 The number of acres at the fifth house

4 The number of Black Labs living in this house

2 The number of piles of dog doo we stepped over during the showing

1/4 The number of miles we were outside of our school district boundaries

1 The number of days our dream farm went on the market after our offer was accepted

1000s The amount of money we lost by pulling out of this contract

6 The number of months we waited before looking at the dream farm

3 The number of times the closing date was moved during this sale

7.8 The number of acres Mr. GT and the kids will be romping on at our new house

3 The number of miles away we are moving

Priceless Making your dreams come true.

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