Friday, December 19, 2008


Rose Bud and Dodo (her next door best friend) are out plowing around in the snow, hiking up and down the hill to the prairie and just sharing friendship (and snowballs). It's so good to see them out in their snowpants and hats and mittens just having fun. Just plain fun with someone you've been best friends since you were babies is all too rare for 13 year olds these days.

Pepper and LayleyHey (her next door best friend) have 12 inches of new snow to play in. They are bundled to their noses in pink and purple. And what are they doing? Swinging on the swingset! I think Pepper swung for half an hour!

(They do have a snow fort they are working on, too. Code name: UTD)

Mrs. Hey, next door, is snowblowing her driveway. Her husband plows for the next town over, so he's probably been gone since 2 this morning. You know, the shoemaker's children never have shoes. Anyway, she thinks she's getting into the Hottest Wife on the Block contest, but I have to say, she is no match out there in her frilly, furry suede jacket and fuzzy boots. Any woman knows that you get more Hot Points for wearing HIS snowsuit!

The four big kids shoveled off the deck this morning. Isn't that sweet of them? Yeah. They needed it cleared off so they could sprinkle birdseed all over it so the cat would have something to watch.

Sunshine LOVED the snow today! He came out with Mr. GT and me. He had no qualms about plowing through the 12" across the driveway. He waded through and then followed Mr. GT down the path he was making with the snowblower. it was very cute. He waved to Rose Bud and Dodo up on the prairie. He got invited into the UTD by the girls. He pushed the shovel around a bit.

Now Banana Boy is actually PLAYING with Sunshine in the house! Just recently, Sunshine has become more "playable" and apparently Banana Boy has just recently developed more patience! They are collecting stuffed animals and having a parade.

So all is peace and love at my house today in the midst of the storm outside.

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Recovering Noah said...

LOL. My kids would faint if they ever saw snow. We get, like, one snowflake per year and I have to explain that "no, you cannot make Frosty with one snowflake." We just spent the week making fake snow out of ivory soap, toilet paper (unused, of course) and water. They made fabulous dinosaur snowmen. :-) I'll blog about it later.

P.S. My word verification for this comment is "Die Scab". How weird is that??"