Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Today's Works For Me Wednesday topic is what toy is an absolute keeper in your house?
(Yes, I know today is Thursday. I started this post yesterday and never got around to finishing it.)

So, if we had to move to a deserted island and could only bring 5 toys, what would they be?

Well, sand toys, of course! Just kidding.

1. Probably Playmobil. The kids play with this more than anything else. And if they could only bring one set, it would be the Playmobile bunnies.

2.. Wooden blocks.

3. Into the Forest (this is a board/card game I can't stand and they choose it hands down over and over again to play with each other.)

4. Bananagrams. This is our current favorite game

5. Snap cubes. These are a math manipulative. Colored cubes that snap together. My kids love to build stuff out of them and creat elaborate figures.

Now, this list was actually hard to come up with over the span of all 5 kids. It would be easier to break it down by kid...

Rose Bud...her tiny flocked animals. At 13, she STILL plays with these!

Daisy..Playmobile Bunnies

Pepper... Playmobile Bunnies

Banana Boy...if you ask him, he'll say horses. He's on a horse kick right now and thinks he loves horses. Strangely, he loves to think he loves thme but doesn't actually play with them so much. What he REALLY plays with is the wooden blocks. kitchen. He plays with this more than anything thing else he has.

And here is a GREAT perspective on Christmas gift giving I lifted from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

"But let me chime in on the toys anyway. What we did last year for gifts for Christmas was give one Gold gift, one Frankincense gift, and one Myrrh gift. Or, in translation, we gave one gift they wanted, one they needed (like underwear!), and one to nourish their soul."

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