Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick

Our house is germ central. I have been sick for over 10 days. Each of the kids has had it or is getting it or is getting something new. Grandma and Grandpa came for Banana Boy's birthday, even though I warned them we were sick. Grandma said, "Oh, I NEVER get sick! We'll be fine." I figured Grandpa would catch it, though.

Ha! Guess who's sick! I talked to Grandma last night and she's in rough shape. (Really, I don't think it's funny. I know how she feels!) Grandpa's fine.

So don't expect to hear from us for a while yet.

cough, gasp, choke, sneeze

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Recovering Noah said...

Long time, no post - eh?? LOL.

I understand. We're sick as dogs here, too. I blame it on all the nasty germs Nandi has brought home now that she's in Pre-K. Preschooler's are gross. I had the (un)privilege of sitting with her during the school's Thanksgiving lunch the other day. Full of snotty kids blowing milk bubbles and making farting noises with their armpits. Everyone was coughing in each others face. Disgusting. No wonder my entire household is at death's door right now.

Hope you all start feeling better soon.