Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Little Brush With History

Political leanings aside, it's not every day you can get your picture taken with the governor.

I had my picture taken with Governor Dreyfus (in his red vest) one time. I was 12 or 13 (you do the math) and it was our 7th grade field trip to the state capitol. Unfortunately, the picture was lost. I have other pictures from the trip--my group and I on the steps of the capitol, sleeping on the floor of the bus (eww!), but the proof that I touched history is gone. I'm still not over the loss.

Years later, Mr. GT and I were having ice cream at Wilson's in Ephraim (really? You've never been there? Go get a cone! Sit on the bench across the road down by the water. Look under the bench. See! Everyone else who doesn't like their jellybean throws them on the ground too!) Anyway, we were having ice cream one day and guess who else was having a cone? In his vest! He still wore one years later, although it wasn't red. Mr. GT wanted me to go over and get a new picture, but I was too chicken. So I have those two images only in my mind.

Sunshine also got his picture taken with a part of the detail set to keep Governor Walker safe, or something.

Mmmm! Dairy!

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